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Fire science is a field of study that attracts students interested in occupational safety, environmental science, and natural resource protection.
It's a dynamic field with unique career opportunities for right individual.
The proper training and education are necessary to enter this field, which is why our site exists.
We are eager to help you start or advance your career in fire science, and that begins with the right degree.
Finding the right program, however, is not always easy.
Let us help you find answers to the questions that may be hindering your search.

Our site provides specific information about degree programs in fire science as well as content related to career possibilities, salary data, and other useful material.
The schools listed on our site offer associate, bachelor's, and graduate-level degrees that prepare students for gainful employment in many recognized occupations in this exciting and rewarding field.
So what are waiting for? You've got the motivation. Now it's time to get the credentials to match it.

Top Fire Science Degree
More accredited schools have begun offering online programs for various fields, like Fire Science and Emergency Management in response to shifts in education.
Whether you want to launch a career or take your current job to the next level, you will find there is a program available that fits your needs, but to be sure, you can contact each school with the links provided below.

Basic Elements of Online Fire Science Degree Programs

Fighting fire is about more than just hooking up a hydrant and pointing the hose in the right direction.
A great deal of skill, research, and training go into effective firefighting, and several online colleges offer degrees in the subject, for those who want to enter a career in firefighting, or get promoted to a higher position in the industry.
Preparedness is the key to good fire suppression.
Degree programs in fire science offer courses not only in the methods of fire prevention and suppression, but in fire scene investigation, management, and aspects of community services. Some courses you can expect to take as part of a fire science curriculum include: Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply: Water can be equally as destructive a force as fire, and the amounts of water being handled by firefighters at high pressure can do a lot of damage to people and property if misdirected. Knowing how to safely harness the power of the water that comes out of fire hydrants or a pressurized tank truck is a crucial skill for any fire suppression specialist. Apparatus Operations: This course will teach you how to use the specialized equipment employed by firefighters in their line of work. There are best practices for using everything from a fire truck to an axe, and making sure that every firefighter on a squad is following the same procedures is a necessary safety precaution. Fire Protection Code and Standards: Different areas have different standards and laws regarding how they deal with fires, and the point of this course is to give a general overview of the core elements of fire protection code.

fire science degree

So if you are interested in how to become a firefighter, keep reading throught our site to learn more about the training,the duties and the challenges that a Cal Fire firefighter faces while in the line of duty.
Good luck in your Firefighter Career Job Research!.

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